Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Property

We are your one stop shop for all your short stay set up needs. Have your space fully prepared from bedding to decorator items down to property maintenance.

Proven results to increase your nightly rate, occupancy and guest experience.

“We take away the overwhelm when it comes to polishing up a short stay quickly and cost-effectively for a fast online listing”

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Styling Installation

Homewares Selections

Property Maintenance

Manchester & Bedding

Furniture Options

Appliances, Bathroom & Kitchen Wares

Transform your space into an aesthetic and practical stay for a wonderful guest experience. As well as positioning your listing as a high end staying with a reflective price point.

1. Complete Style

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2. Integrated Style

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3. Designer Homewares Packages

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“The team made it easy to set up and get our first guests in the door ASAP. We have since been booked out almost every night with fabulous reviews of the space. Couldn’t have done it to the same standard without their help!”

The Hill